What is Brush Chipping?

Brush chipping refers to a process of removing small pieces of brush or wood from fireplaces, and is often confused with “brush clearing,” which fires departments in some areas attempt to do when a brush fire is far gone. However, they are two very different operations, despite their similarities. In the former, firefighters make sure […]

How to Use a Chainsaw Safely

chainsaw safety

Chainsaws are one of the most popular tree cutting devices on the market. This device can be used to cut any trees and other items quickly. However, this tool can be dangerous for people who don’t have a lot of experience with chainsaws. You need to be very careful with this tool before you start […]

Simple Tips for Landscaping a New Home


Finally, you have built your new home. You’ve spent days and night ensuring your new home’s design fills all of your expectations. From windows, to doors, to flooring, you were involved in the entire construction process. Now that your dream house is complete, what about the landscape? When landscaping a new home, it is like […]

Heat Tolerant Shrubs

Ceanothus griseus

Shrubs are the best compliment for flowers. Together, flowers and shrubs make a perfect match that creates dazzling gardens. Now, let’s suppose you wanna use shrubs to impress your friends with a new outstanding garden next year, but then you discover that some of your shrubs start turning brown, and suddenly they die when the […]

Homemade Playground Ideas for Kids

kiddie pool fun playground

Having kids is a blessing, and watching them play can be so exciting. However, it will be necessary to have something very important for them to do like providing them with fun activities to make sure that they are active and are not getting bored whenever they are at home. Whenever holidays are on the […]

Easy Winter Landscaping Ideas


Landscaping During The Winter Months Winter is typically drab compared to the other 3 seasons, but a well planned landscape keeps the color in your landscape.  Adding just a little bit of color changes the balance of your yard. The color of these plants and the blanket of snow enhances your picturesque winter landscape. Easy […]