Company Policies

Company Policies

Landscaping Projects

For some bigger jobs that require a large payment, we require a 50% deposit payed up front.  When the job is finished, the remaining balance will be due.  This will be stated in detail with your free estimate quote.

Weather Delays

For scheduled lawn maintenance jobs, there are occasional delays due to weather.  We will do our best to keep your lawn cared for by using make days for any lost time.  Usually we can get out to your property within the next couple days after the rain stops.

Unlock Your Gates

On the date of your scheduled maintenance visit, please make sure to unlock your gate, so that we have access to the back yard.  If we are unable to complete service due to a locked gate, we will not give a discount and full payment is still required.  However, we will make another attempt to complete service at a later time, after notifying you of the unsuccessful attempt.

Unpaid Balances

We will keep your contact info current to make sure we keep you informed of any balances due.  We will make several attempts to contact you for any outstanding invoices before sending your information to our collection agency.  If you know your payment will be late, please make an attempt to contact us and let us know.

Property Damage

Sometimes there may be an issue of tall grass hiding obstacles that we may inadvertently damage.  We understand this is frustrating for customers, so we try to make these inconveniences stress free.  Please let us know immediately if there are any damages to sprinkler heads, air conditioner lines, landscaping, etc., so we can get them repaired in a timely fashion.  We do not approve of any estimates or work performed by third parties.