Its a Process To Maintain a Healthy Lawn

Lawn Care Coppell’s fertilizer program consists of 6 applications throughout the year.  We will apply 3 applications of preemergent per year.  Two applications of the preemergent will be scheduled before and during Spring, and the other will be scheduled before Fall.  We will continue throughout the year with 3 applications of a slow release nitrogen based fertilizer during the Spring/Summer months.

Step one: In general, applying lawn fertilizer is best done near the beginning of the growing season, or mid-spring. May and June are good months for this first application. You should also apply in early fall, in September or October. When applying fertilizers, your lawn should be clear of any heat or cold stresses such as heavy frosts or the hot afternoon sun of midsummer. Of course there are exceptions to this general rule. Different areas and grass species require different applications.

Step two: Like fertilizers, not all weed killers are created equal. Pre-emergent herbicides kill the weeds before they emerge from the ground and as such should be applied early in the season before these weeds take over. Post-emergent herbicides kill the weeds once they have come up and should be applied when you see the weeds.

Lawn Fertilization and weed control in Coppell TexasStep three: Application Schedule
Application 1:  January/February-Preemergent-0-0-7
Application 2:  March-Preemergent-0-0-7
Application 3:  April-Fertilizer-18-18-18/15-5-10
Application 4:  May/June-Fertilizer-15-5-10/25-0-0
Application 6:  September/October-Winterizer-0-0-7/22-0-6

During each visit, we will spot spray any visible weeds.  Each application will have a reminder email sent before your visit to give any special instructions that are needed after your treatment.  Payments are split in to six installments.  Your program will automatically renew on an annual basis, unless specified otherwise.

Our lawn care prices are very affordable but for exact pricing for Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Service please give us a call for a free quote.

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