Landscaping During The Winter Months

winter-landscaping-ideasWinter is typically drab compared to the other 3 seasons, but a well planned landscape keeps the color in your landscape.  Adding just a little bit of color changes the balance of your yard. The color of these plants and the blanket of snow enhances your picturesque winter landscape. Easy Winter Landscaping ideas will add some color to your landscape.

Trees and Plants

  1. Planting evergreens trees and shrubs will not lose their leaves.  You will have year round color.
  2. Berry trees and shrubs offer spots color during fall and winter, as well as provide food for birds overwintering in your area.
  3. Bare deciduous trees really display their unique and beautiful shape. A well-shaped symmetrical tree that looks like it’s reaching for the sky to an ancient, twisted oak that spreads its limbs across the horizon.
  4. Stick with four-season perennials.

Additional Features

  1. Hardscaping features.  Pergolas, bricks and large stones features provide a continuous visual appeal no matter the season.
  2. Large containers and pots are colorful and highlight the plants.  You can plant ornamental grasses, miniature evergreens, or vegetation strong enough to survive the winter and brighten your yard. Placing these containers throughout your landscape will off set the white of snow or the muted yellow from dormant grasses or plants.

You might need to plan a couple of yeas ahead for winter landscaping plants to reach their ideal heights. Winter tends to be dull and less colorful season, but following with these landscaping ideas should keep winter visually appealing.


2 Responses

  1. I love these ideas. As someone who lives in a cold weather climate, it’s refreshing to see some signs of life (some would dare say hope) during the darkest days of winter. Anyone who owns their home could find a little or a lot to add to their landscape. Winter may be over, but I am going to plan ahead so I am ready landscape-wise when it rears its ugly head.

  2. I actually never thought I would like evergreen trees in my yard but they offer such great privacy year round that I am glad I made the investment. I really recommend that anyone who wants full trees for privacy issues alone to plant some. They also are great for parking your car under if you don’t have a garage.

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